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Should You Have a Yard Sale or Sell Your Items to a Pawn Shop?

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Is your home consumed with clutter? Are your clothes, books, kids’ toys, and knick-knacks taking up too much space? If so, you might want to consider selling your unwanted items to make some fast cash. 

While a yard sale might seem like your best bet, your local Van Nuys pawn shop could be a viable option too. Before you decide which choice is right for you, it’s smart to explore the benefits and drawbacks of each option. 

The pawn shop pros at Maxferd are here to help. Here’s what you should know about garage sales vs. pawn shops. 

Hosting a Yard Sale 

Hosting a garage sale is one of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted items. It’s also a fantastic way to make money in the process.

Having the ability to sell your possessions from the comfort and safety of your own home on a Saturday morning is very convenient for many people. However, there is no guarantee that you will sell all of your items. As the day progresses, visitors, as well as sales, can dwindle. This leaves you with large piles of stuff in your front yard.

Additionally, you’ll need to get the word out about your yard sale. Making signs, posting to neighborhood internet message boards, and telling all of your neighbors, friends, and family can be time-consuming.

Before setting up a shop in your driveway or yard, it’s important to weigh some additional pros and cons of having a yard sale. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • You set the prices of your items yourself: Selling your possessions at a yard sale allows you to set your own prices and do the negotiating yourself. This makes you the only deciding factor.
  • Diverse audiences: People from all around town will show up to your yard sale. This means there will be a diverse array of interests, personal tastes, and desires, enabling you to sell more items.

On the other hand, having a yard sale comes with a few disadvantages too, such as:

  • Lack of security: You might be the only line of defense at your yard sale. Or, you might have your partner or kids help out. Either way, a lack of security increases the risk of theft.
  • Weather woes: If it rains on the day of your yard sale, you might have to reschedule or take your chances that people actually show up.

Selling Your Possessions to a Pawn Shop 

A second option for clearing the clutter is to sell it to a pawn shop. You can virtually sell your items on the spot for cash or collateral loans. Pawn shops purchase a large variety of items from sellers, including jewelry, rare coins, purses, musical instruments, furniture, and more. They can also evaluate your items so you know their market value. 

The top reasons to sell your items to a pawn shop are:

  • Trade unwanted items: Some pawn shops allow you to swap your unwanted items for things you actually need or want. This can save you money on having to buy new jewelry, clothing, or appliances.
  • Immediate transactions: You’ll get an immediate cash offer for your used goods.

Some of the cons of selling your things to a pawn shop include:

  • You’ll have to leave home and drive to the store.
  • You may get less money than you originally anticipated. 

Having a Yard Sale vs. Selling to a Pawn Shop 

Having a yard sale and selling your items to a pawn shop are both effective ways of getting money for your unwanted possessions. However, yard sales require planning, cleanup, and tend to have a lack of security. Meanwhile, pawn shops give you instant cash offers, loans, or the opportunity to trade your old items for things you can use.

If you’re curious to learn more about the benefits of selling your valuables to a pawn shop, call the pawn brokers at Maxferd today at (800) 888-PAWN (7296).