Jewelry Repair

At Maxferd we offer onsite repair of your jewelry by our expert jewelers as well as special orders on jewelry and timepieces.

Why choose us for your repairs?

When looking to repair your luxury items there are several things to consider: Quality of service, cost of service, and time until you receive your item(s). Often high-end manufacturers claim that sending your item to anyone other than their own service provider will cause permanent authenticity issues. As a highly reputable jewelry and loan shop, we have the know-how to preserve the authenticity and integrity of your items.

Bring your damaged item(s) to Maxferd and you will receive the best of all worlds. We can provide you with a quote for the highest quality work at a fraction of the price. Our jewelers use the best equipment and materials for the job and have access to a wide network of experts and machinery.

Our expert on-site jewelers can perform numerous jobs with a wide variety of materials, including: