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If you’re looking for the #1 pawn shop in Beverly Hills, California you’ve found it.

Since 1884 when Maxferd opened its first pawn shop, our mission has been to provide the best service, pay fair prices, and ensure client confidentiality.

Our Beverly Hills pawn shop is conveniently located close to Rodeo Drive, one of the world’s most luxurious shopping destinations.

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9640 S. Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Corner of: S. Santa Monica / Bedford

Store hours

Monday-Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:45 PM

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Phone: 310-220-0767

Trusted Beverly Hills Pawn Shop Services

Whether you want to buy or sell gold or other valuables, have your jewelry evaluated or repaired, or are looking for a quick pawn shop loan, our pawn shop in Beverly Hills can assist you.

Jewelry Loans in Beverly Hills at Maxferd Pawn Shop

Getting a loan, secured by an item of value you’re offering as collateral, is the best way to get a fast short-term loan. You can literally walk in with the item you would like to pawn and walk out with cash in under an hour.

There’s no need to pile up expensive credit card debt, or try to obtain a personal loan from your bank. Getting a collateral loan from a pawn shop is SMART.

If you need cash in a hurry for an unforeseen expense, event, or emergency, our Beverly Hills pawn shop is the place to go. 

We offer quick, confidential cash loans on jewelry (even if it’s broken) and fine watches.

It’s a simple, easy 5-step process:

Step 1: Come in for a quick over the counter evaluation of your jewelry.

Step 2: Receive your verbal over the counter quote in minutes.

Step 3: Provide valid identification, i.e. driver’s license, ID card, or passport.

Step 4: Your loan is written, and your contract is printed for you to sign and keep.

Step 5: Your item is safely secured as you receive your payment in cash, by wire or check.

– No credit check.

– Won’t be reported if you can’t repay your loan.

Note: We don’t only accept jewelry and fine watches as collateral.

We will gladly accept any of the following items as collateral for a loan:

Precious metals and coins, loose diamonds and precious gemstones, high-end DSLR cameras and equipment, Apple products, laptops and computers, musical instruments, luxury handbags, certain collectables, and art.

Maxferd offers the best pawn loans in Beverly Hills! 

Looking to pawn your high-end watch in Beverly Hills? Check out our Ultimate Guide to selling your luxury watch here.

Searching for a trusted vendor in Beverly Hills to sell your luxury handbag to? Learn more on selling designer handbags here.

Special offer for new clients: Get a very low interest rate of only 0% – 1% and the option to “roll over” the loan at the end of the four-month period without paying additional interest.

Expert Jewelry Repair Services at Maxferd

Deciding where to have your jewelry repaired isn’t an easy decision, and shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. Jewelry repair requires a lot of skill and experience, especially for intricate repair jobs.

At Maxferd, we have expert in-house jewelers who are masters of their craft. Your jewelry won’t even have to leave our shop.

We can handle any repair job, big or small, and specialize in jewelry restoration, stone setting, cleaning, sizing, polishing, rhodium and gold plating, fixing links, and replacing clasps / locks.

Don’t entrust your jewelry repair job to just anyone. Professional repairs and maintenance can help to ensure your jewelry looks as good as on the day you got it, and will retain its value over time.

If you care about your jewelry, our pawn shop in Beverly Hills is the place to go.

Layaway Program for Beverly Hills Residents at Maxferd Pawn Shop

Our Beverly Hills pawn shop has many exquisite pieces for sale. We don’t blame you if you fall in love with an item but don’t have the cash to buy it right away. 

The good news is, we’ve made it easy for you to secure that must-have item, and at today’s price, even if you only pick it up in a couple of months.

The Maxferd layaway program buys you time. It’s a smart and easy way to secure the item you want today at a guaranteed fixed price.

– No income or credit check required.

– No layaway fees.

– No interest charged.

We only require a 20% down payment and proof that you’re over 18. You can pay the item off in up to five easy monthly installments. In the meantime, we won’t sell it to anyone else and will safely store it for you.

It’s the perfect solution if you want something but don’t want to blow your budget.

What Our Clients Say

“Maxferd is awesome!! Their selection is incredible— all brand names Rolex, Chanel, Cartier, Fendi, Tiffany, and many, many more. Their prices are more than fair and I love the staff— so helpful and knowledgeable. I both buy and sell there; always walk out with a smile on my face. Shout out to their security that keeps us safe! I get all my holiday presents there. Maxferd is going to make lots of people happy on Xmas!!”

Call Maxferd Jewelry & Loan for a free consultation, or visit us and find out how we can assist you.