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How To Tell if Jewelry is Real

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Is my Item authentic?

It’s understandable to question the authenticity of your jewelry. You want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. You want to make sure your jewelry is what you think it is.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of jewelry out there that is not legitimate. Because it can be difficult for the layperson to discern whether or not a piece of jewelry is authentic, scammers can make a great deal of money selling fake items.

So how can you tell if your jewelry is real? There are a number of things you can check for to make sure your items are genuine, depending on what the material is.

How to tell if gold is real?

Gold has a unique set of properties.

  • Gold is not magnetic – Make sure your piece of gold jewelry does not stick to a strong magnet. If you are able to pick it up with a magnet, you know that at the very least, it has been mixed with other metals.
  • Gold is odorless – You’ll want to rub the piece between your fingers and then smell them. If your piece is real gold, it won’t have a smell, but if you detect the smell of metal, you know it at least isn’t pure gold.
  • Gold hardly ever stains your skin – Check the areas on your skin that come in contact with the gold, and look for any fading or darkening.

It’s important to note, however, that if a piece is heavily plated in gold, these results may vary. So if you are still unsure after attempting these tests above, bring it to us, and we will gladly test it for you.

How to tell if silver is real?

It’s important to be able to tell if a piece of jewelry is made of real silver. Not only does it affect the value, but many people have allergic reactions to other types of metals so they need to make sure their jewelry is pure silver. If you are wondering how to tell if silver is real, there are a number of things you can do.

The majority of silver objects sold commercially are stamped with hallmarks – The first thing you should do is check for a hallmark. You might see initials like A&R or AD. You might see different symbols that represent a certain year. You may see a simple brand name like Brooks or DeHart.

  • Silver is not magnetic – Like gold, you can also test your silver with a magnet. If your piece is drawn towards the magnet, it is not pure silver.
  • Silver is odorless – You can also perform the same odor test that you would perform on a piece of gold as silver has no odor and shouldn’t smell metallic.
  • Silver will oxidize and tarnish – It needs to be polished on a regular basis. Additionally, if you polish real silver, there should be black residue on your cloth afterwards.

How to tell if a gemstone Is real?

The last thing you want when buying a gemstone is to end up with an imitation that’s been sold as a real gemstone. You want to make sure you’re buying what you think you’re buying. There are different tests you can do depending on the gemstone. For example, with a ruby you can do the scratch test: hold the ruby in your hand and scratch on it with a coin or your fingernail. If you can see the scratch, it is probably not a real ruby. You can also perform this test on sapphires. Sapphires and rubies are known for their strength and should not show any scratches. You can also look at some gemstones to make sure they are the correct color. For instance, rubies should be a bright, vivid red, and emeralds are going to be either a vibrant greenish blue shade or a color that is yellowish green, depending on where it is from. Of course, these tests may be difficult for a layperson, but at each Maxferd location, there are professional certified jewelers to help you out.

How to tell if a Rolex is real?

A Rolex is a status symbol, and it’s widely known that there are many fake Rolex watches out there. If you’re questioning how to tell if a Rolex is real, there are a few things you can do.

First of all, a real Rolex will have a smooth second hand movement. If a Rolex is fake, the second hand will stutter along inside the watch. Another way to tell if a Rolex is real is through the weight. A real Rolex is made of metals that are high quality and will weigh significantly more than a fake. A true Rolex will also have a finely-crafted winder with elaborate grooves and engravings.

Rolex’s reputation is deserved. Their quality control standards are impeccable. Using a magnifying glass or jeweler’s loupe if you have one, examine the dial (face) of the watch and look for any imperfections. If you find one, it is not an authentic Rolex. Imperfections can be as slight as the misalignment of a number or faulty printing. If any printing is gapped, bubbled, or has indication of bleeding, no matter how slight, then it is not an authentic Rolex piece.

Imitation Rolex timepieces are the most common. In fact, some imitations can actually cost thousands of dollars to manufacture, but they are not Rolex. It is not unheard-of for professional and well-organized counterfeiters to invest a few thousand dollars in making a high quality imitation Rolex, because they will in turn, sell that fake Rolex for the discounted price of 20 or 30 thousand dollars!

If you have any doubt what so-ever, we highly recommend that you let us examine the piece, the box and paperwork (certificates of authenticity) for you.

Or: Just bring it in to us

The best way to tell if any item is authentic is to bring it in to a qualified jeweler. At any of our five locations (link to locations page), we will be able to take a look at your item and tell you with complete confidence whether or not your item is authentic.