Jewelry Evaluations

At Maxferd we offer free walk in evaluation for your jewelry and valuable items.

What is the difference between an evaluation and an appraisal?
Jewelry evaluation is the process we use to determine a jewelry item’s real-world value. An appraisal is a much different process mostly used for insurance purposes to speculate on an item’s high retail replacement value. An appraiser will never offer to buy your piece for the value drawn up on the appraisal document. We, however, will offer you cash on the spot.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation begins with determining an item’s intrinsic value, a raw material value based on precious metals and stones. Then, a piece may have value added through craftsmanship, make, history and condition. From there we can gauge the market for your item, determine the potential resale value and make you an offer. All you need to bring is the item to be evaluated and a valid ID.

At Maxferd we have qualified experts in precious metals and gems on board who will inspect your jewelry. We use specialized tools and equipment for this process and are thorough and efficient. We understand that our clients’ items have both monetary and sentimental value and we handle each piece with great care.

We Make You An Offer

After the evaluation process a Maxferd representative can make you an offer on the spot. We love to accommodate our clients so please ask up front for the amount that would work for you. There is no pressure here and the offer will usually be good for you to think about and make your informed decision.

Your Options

Here the choice is completely yours because no matter what, you will get quick and easy cash instantly:

When You Pawn

When you pawn your jewelry, you are taking a loan out on an item’s potential resale value. The contracts start at four months and are almost always renewable by paying a finance charge. Often, we can hold items with no payment from you for over eight months. We offer fair amounts for your jewelry along with low rates of interest and follow careful procedures to ensure that your items remain safe while they are with us.

When You Sell

When you sell your item to us you will receive top dollar without the option to retrieve the item(s) at a future date. We offer quick cash for whatever we purchase, and you can rest assured that we offer the highest amount for your items, whether exceedingly desirable and collectible or damaged and broken. We endeavor to provide the best customer service so that your interaction with us is smooth and hassle-free.