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Sell Valuables

If you’re planning to sell your jewelry, collectibles, handbags, or other valuable items – Maxferd can help! Simply visit one of our five convenient locations and you’ll receive a clear explanation of the appraisal value of your item, along with a fair cash offer.

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With us, selling your valuables is easy! Whatever your reason may be, we can have your valuables evaluated and the sale complete in under an hour.

The process is very simple. First, you come in for a quick over-the-counter evaluation of your goods made by one of our trained professionals. Our representative will give you a verbal over-the-counter quote in minutes. (It’s always nice if you have a certain amount in mind that you can ask for, but it’s not a necessity).

You can decide to take the money offered, or you can take some time to think about it. This is a no-pressure environment; we don’t mind if you feel you’d like to take some time to consider your options. In most cases, the quote will be good for several days to weeks and sometimes even months.

To complete the purchase, our representative will need to take your current and valid identification, i.e. driver’s license, ID card, or passport. The information will be entered into our secure system along with a detailed description of your valuables. All information is kept strictly confidential.


Whatever you’re selling, you deserve compensation for the true market price of the items. This can be very difficult to achieve with other consignment shops, which may not have the resources to hire appraisal specialists for high-end items like jewelry. At Maxferd, you can feel confident selling everything from last year’s Macbook to heirloom earrings. Our expert jewelers and gemologists have the expertise and financial resources to make you the highest possible cash offer for your damaged, outdated, or unwanted jewelry.

When you trust Maxferd with your valuables, you get to avoid the hassle and risk of online consignment. These companies will require you to mail them your items for appraisal before they can provide a purchase offer. When you choose to sell to them, even with instant payment options like Paypal, you’ll have to wait a few days for the money to transfer to your bank account. If you’re not satisfied with their offer and choose not to accept it, you’ll often find yourself on the hook for the return shipping costs. That’s right – it can actually cost you money just to find out that you don’t want to sell with them! At Maxferd, we operate five locations throughout the state of California in San Francisco and Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, and Lawndale) where we’ll perform immediate on-site appraisals. After evaluating the items, we give our best purchase offer and we can wire the money directly to your bank account, issue a cash payment, or write a cashier’s check on the spot.

We will purchase most
high-value items including: