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Our varied collection of second-hand jewelry is a treasure trove for those seeking unique and captivating pieces. What distinguishes our diverse array of used jewelry includes:

Our inventory showcases a wide range of designs, encompassing traditional, aged, modern, and bohemian styles, ensuring a suitable match for every individual preference.

Explore a diverse selection of pre-owned jewelry crafted from various metals like gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. These pieces are often adorned with a variety of precious stones, including diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and more, enhancing the allure of our collection.

Embark on a journey through our carefully curated assortment of vintage and antique jewelry, where each piece carries a distinctive narrative and an unparalleled charm that cannot be replicated.

Explore a variety of items from renowned luxury brands and celebrated designers in our collection, all reasonably priced to appeal to a broader audience, making luxury accessible to everyone.

Whether you’re seeking a unique birthday gift or a surprise for an anniversary, our assortment features jewelry crafted for significant occasions, featuring pieces adorned with birthstones.

Many of our products showcase enduring designs that surpass fleeting trends, ensuring that your jewelry maintains timeless style and significance, embodying an enduring sense of sophistication.

Our team of experts meticulously selects each item in our compilation, ensuring they meet our stringent standards for quality and authenticity.

Sell or Trade Your Used Jewelry

Considering parting ways with your previously owned jewelry? At Maxferd, we offer you the choice to either sell or trade your cherished pieces. Here are reasons to consider these alternatives:

Selling Your Used Jewelry:

Cash in Hand: Choosing to sell your pre-owned jewelry ensures prompt cash, providing financial flexibility and independence.

No Waiting: Unlike other approaches, selling your second-hand jewelry to us allows you to bring in your pieces and depart with cash immediately. There’s no prolonged waiting period or uncertainty.

Guaranteed Sale: Selling to Maxferd guarantees a sale. There’s no ambiguity about whether your jewelry will find a buyer.

Expert Appraisals: Our experienced team is dedicated to appraising jewelry, guaranteeing you a fair and accurate evaluation of your items.

Hassle-Free Process: Our streamlined procedure ensures that selling your jewelry is a simple and convenient experience.

Trading Your Used Jewelry:

Value Enhancement: Opting to trade your pre-owned jewelry enables you to leverage its value for something new, providing the opportunity to enhance your collection without incurring additional expenses.

Customization: Through a trade, you can explore personalized and customized options, creating a piece that aligns perfectly with your current preferences.

Long-Term Investment: Trading allows you to make a more substantial investment, adding to the quality and significance of your pre-owned jewelry.

Retain Sentimental Value: If your previously owned jewelry holds sentimental value, engaging in a trade allows you to preserve that emotional connection while updating your collection.

Used Jewelry Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Jewelry serves a dual purpose, acting as both an investment and a repository of sentimental value. To preserve the beauty and longevity of your jewelry, adhere to these maintenance and cleaning recommendations:

Regular Inspections: Routinely examine your jewelry to detect loose stones, damaged prongs, or signs of wear. Addressing any issues promptly is essential to prevent further damage.

Gentle Cleaning: Regularly clean your pre-owned jewelry with care. Utilize a soft, lint-free cloth to gently eliminate dust and oils from the surface.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Refrain from exposing your used jewelry to abrasive chemicals such as chlorine or bleach, as they can cause damage to metals and gemstones.

Gem-Specific Care: Recognize that each type of gemstone has unique care requirements. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate cleaning and care methods tailored to the specific stones present in your jewelry collection.

Rings on display at Maxferd's Van Nuys pawn shop

Professional Cleanings: Periodically, assign your used jewelry to a skilled jeweler for a thorough cleaning and examination. They have the knowledge to remove dirt and debris that might gather in difficult-to-access regions.

Ultrasonic Cleaners: Exercise caution when utilizing ultrasonic cleaners, restricting their use to jewelry deemed safe for this cleaning method.

Storage Matters: Safely store your jewelry in a clean, dry place, using separate compartments or soft pouches to prevent scratches and tangles.

Remove Before Activities: Before engaging in activities such as swimming, gardening, or household chores, ensure to remove your jewelry to avoid potential damage.

Gentle Soak: Address stubborn grime by creating a mild cleaning solution with soap and warm water. Briefly soak your pre-owned jewelry, then use a soft brush to delicately scrub away dirt. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Polishing Cloth: Acquire a jewelry polishing cloth tailored to the specific metal of your pieces to restore the shine and luster.

Pearls Require Special Care: Treat pearl jewelry with care by gently wiping them with a damp, soft cloth and storing them separately to prevent scratches.

Regular Wear: Surprisingly, wearing your jewelry regularly can help maintain its luster. The natural oils produced by your skin can assist in preventing tarnishing.

By following these maintenance and cleaning recommendations, you can ensure that your pre-owned jewelry retains its beauty and value, reminiscent of the day you acquired it.

Why Buy Used Jewelry?

Choosing second-hand jewelry offers numerous benefits, making it a wise decision for savvy shoppers. Here are compelling reasons to consider the purchase of pre-owned jewelry:

Pre-owned jewelry often comes at a significantly reduced price compared to new pieces, allowing you to acquire high-quality items without exceeding your budget.

You can own exquisite jewelry from luxury brands at a fraction of the cost, making it accessible to individuals who might not have considered such acquisitions when opting for new items.

Shops dedicated to pre-owned jewelry often showcase distinctive, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pieces that are no longer in production. Adding such unique items or a piece of history brings character and individuality to your collection.

Opting for pre-owned jewelry allows you to actively contribute to sustainable practices within the jewelry industry, reducing the demand for new mining and manufacturing and, consequently, lessening environmental impact.

Newly purchased jewelry items often undergo significant depreciation in value over time. In contrast, used jewelry tends to retain its value more effectively.

Reputable vendors of pre-owned jewelry guarantee the authenticity and high quality of their items, instilling confidence in buyers during the purchasing process.

If you decide to sell your pre-owned jewelry in the future, it is likely to retain a higher resale value compared to new jewelry, which often depreciates rapidly.

Choosing second-hand jewelry is not just a cost-effective and environmentally conscious decision but also a stylish one, offering a diverse selection, unique pieces, and lasting value.

Whether you're in search of an engagement ring, a gift, or personal adornment, opting for used jewelry provides an attractive and sustainable alternative to purchasing new items.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Used Jewelry

Market value, also referred to as Open Market Valuation (OMV), signifies the competitive auction price of an item. Choosing pre-owned jewelry is a practical choice as it is frequently priced more reasonably than new items available in conventional jewelry stores. This decision enables you to acquire exquisite pieces at a fair and competitive price, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money.

Certainly, choosing to invest in used jewelry can be a prudent decision compared to acquiring brand-new pieces. The key advantage lies in the cost-effectiveness, as second-hand jewelry is typically priced more reasonably than its new counterparts. This affords you the opportunity to obtain high-quality items at a fraction of the cost, aligning more closely with market value and reducing the risk of paying too much.

Additionally, opting for pre-owned jewelry contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing the demand for newly extracted metals and gemstones, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Besides being economically viable, used jewelry offers a diverse range of styles and designs that may not be readily found in new items.

Moreover, the second-hand jewelry market often showcases distinctive and vintage pieces that have the potential to retain or increase in value over time. Some second-hand jewelry items may even possess historical or cultural significance, adding to their overall worth and allure.

Certainly, pawn shops provide various advantages for individuals interested in buying or selling second-hand jewelry. One notable benefit is the option to pawn your jewelry instead of selling it outright. This means that if you have sentimental value attached to a piece but need immediate cash, pawn shops can offer a short-term collateral loan. Additionally, they frequently offer layaway programs, allowing you to make gradual payments for your desired jewelry without stretching your credit too far.

Furthermore, pawn shops provide customers with the opportunity to physically inspect and test jewelry, a noteworthy benefit in contrast to online shopping where visual representations may be deceptive. This hands-on involvement guarantees full satisfaction with your acquisition. Another essential advantage is the guarantee of authentic products, as pawn shops actively avoid involvement with counterfeit or stolen jewelry, fostering confidence in the credibility of your transaction.

Regarding security, pawn shops offer an elevated level of safeguarding against scammers, as they rank among the most regulated industries in the United States, thus minimizing the vulnerability to fraudulent activities. Moreover, if you have damaged jewelry to sell, pawn shops usually have no qualms about accepting such items, a task that can prove challenging in online selling platforms.

When considering the purchase or sale of second-hand jewelry, Maxferd is your dependable partner. Explore our pawn shops today for a smooth and secure jewelry experience. Find a Maxferd pawn shop near you and evaluate the value of your jewelry with us. Your journey with Maxferd starts here.

Certainly, at Maxferd Jewelry & Loan, you have the option to pawn your pre-owned jewelry. Opting for pawning allows you to obtain a short-term collateral loan while retaining ownership of your valuable jewelry. It offers a convenient way to access quick cash without having to part with your cherished pieces. To explore this option and gain insights into the terms and benefits associated with pawning your jewelry, we encourage you to visit Maxferd Jewelry & Loan and engage with our experienced team.

A layaway program is a payment alternative that allows you to progressively reserve and pay for a jewelry piece, often without incurring interest charges or reaching your credit card limit. This program offers several advantages, making it an excellent choice when you’ve identified a must-have item:

Financial Flexibility: Layaway options provide the flexibility to spread payments over a specified period, enabling you to manage expenses without requiring a substantial upfront payment.

Avoiding Credit Card Debt: Opting for a layaway arrangement helps you avoid reaching the limit on your credit card or incurring high-interest charges, which can be a consideration when making significant jewelry purchases.

Securing Desired Items: Layaway ensures the reservation of the desired jewelry piece as you make payments, particularly valuable for limited-edition or high-demand items.

No Interest: Unlike credit transactions, layaway agreements typically do not involve interest charges, offering a cost-effective method for acquiring jewelry.

Financial Discipline: Engaging in a layaway program promotes financial discipline by necessitating regular payments, encouraging responsible expense management.

At Maxferd Jewelry & Loan, ensuring the legitimacy of our jewelry offerings is of utmost importance. We exclusively engage in transactions involving authentic pre-owned jewelry and employ various measures to maintain this commitment.

Our unwavering adherence to industry regulations and best practices is a foundational aspect of our operations. We conduct our business fully in accordance with the laws and regulations governing both the pawnshop and jewelry industries, ensuring that every product we handle is acquired and sold in compliance with legal standards.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with specialized knowledge in jewelry. They conduct a thorough evaluation process for each item, meticulously verifying its authenticity, quality, and overall condition before making it available to our customers. This evaluation process is crucial to our reputation for delivering genuine and authentic jewelry.

Certainly, at Maxferd Jewelry & Loan, we generally welcome broken jewelry. We recognize that selling damaged or fractured jewelry may present challenges through traditional channels. Our readiness to accept such items provides a convenient and accessible solution for individuals looking to sell their broken jewelry. If you have broken jewelry that you are contemplating selling, our experienced team is available to guide you through the process, providing a straightforward and beneficial solution.

Certainly, at Maxferd, making appointments for jewelry evaluations is typically unnecessary. Numerous Maxferd locations are equipped with in-house experts who possess extensive experience in the buying and selling of pre-owned jewelry. These skilled experts are readily accessible to aid you in evaluations. Moreover, these assessments are typically provided without any cost, demonstrating our dedication to delivering thorough service to our customers. You are welcome to drop by any Maxferd location at your convenience, and our team will be available to assist you with your jewelry evaluation needs.

When engaging with Maxferd Jewelry & Loan, whether you’re buying or selling jewelry in person at our pawn shops, you can be assured that you won’t encounter any shipping or handling fees. This contrasts with the process of selling used jewelry online, which typically involves extra costs related to shipping and handling. Choosing Maxferd provides you with the convenience of an in-person transaction without the additional expenses often associated with online jewelry transactions.

Conducting a transaction at Maxferd is crafted to be a swift and convenient process. Whether you plan to sell or pawn pre-owned jewelry, our goal is to offer efficient service. You can easily visit one of our locations with your jewelry, and in a relatively brief period, you can depart with cash in hand. Our foremost objective is to streamline and expedite the transaction process, guaranteeing that you promptly receive the financial assistance or the value for your jewelry.