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Our collection features a variety of styles, metals, gemstones, and eras, ensuring you’ll find something that matches your taste and budget. If you appreciate the charm of pre-owned jewelry, Maxferd is the perfect destination. We offer:

Whether you prefer classic, modern, or contemporary designs, we have used jewelry in Van Nuys to suit your style. Our inventory encompasses a broad spectrum of styles.

Maxferd offers used jewelry crafted from different metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and more. You can also explore a variety of gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, to find the perfect combination that resonates with your style.

Step back in time and indulge in the nostalgia of vintage jewelry and antique pieces from various eras. Our collection includes heirloom-quality items that carry a sense of history and evoke a timeless elegance.

We at Maxferd believe that luxury can be accessible. Experience the thrill of owning a luxurious piece of jewelry at a fraction of the price when you choose from our selection of high-quality used jewelry.

Looking for the perfect gift to commemorate a special occasion or celebrate a loved one’s birthday? Our collection includes birthstone jewelry and pieces ideal for anniversaries, graduations, and other memorable moments.

Our collection of used jewelry encompasses designs that transcend trends, ensuring that your investment will continue to be cherished for years.

Maxferd’s team of experts meticulously curates our second-hand jewelry selection. Each piece undergoes thorough evaluation to ensure its quality and authenticity.

Sell or Trade Your Used Jewelry

Are you thinking about letting go of your pre-owned jewelry? Maxferd offers you the opportunity to sell or trade-in your beloved pieces. Here are reasons to consider these options:

Selling Your Used Jewelry:

Cash in Hand: If you have old or unwanted jewelry that you no longer wear, why not turn it into money? At Maxferd Jewelry and Loan, we offer a convenient and hassle-free process for selling or trading your used jewelry.

No Waiting: Unlike selling your jewelry through online platforms or consignment shops, you don’t have to wait for the right buyer. We provide immediate cash for your items, ensuring you get the funds you need without any delay.

Guaranteed Sale: When you sell or trade your used jewelry at Maxferd, you can trust that you’ll receive a fair offer. Our expert appraisers have years of experience accurately valuing jewelry.

Expert Appraisals: Our team of certified gemologists and experienced appraisers will carefully evaluate your used jewelry to determine its true worth. We consider various aspects such as the quality and condition of the materials, the craftsmanship, and any unique or rare features.

Hassle-Free Process: At Maxferd, we understand that selling or trading your used jewelry can be emotional. That’s why we strive to make the process smooth and stress-free.

Trading Your Used Jewelry:

Value Enhancement: Trading your used jewelry enhances the overall value of your collection. You can upgrade to pieces of higher quality, rarity, or desirability.

Customization: Maxferd offers customization services, allowing you to create unique and personalized jewelry that perfectly suits your style and preferences.

Long-Term Investment: Many pieces of fine jewelry, especially those made from precious metals and gemstones, have the potential to appreciate over time.

Retain Sentimental Value: Trading in your pre-owned jewelry offers a way to modernize your collection while preserving the sentimental value, ensuring you retain the emotional connection associated with the pieces.

Used Jewelry Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Jewelry plays a dual role, functioning as both an investment and a keeper of sentimental value. To ensure the enduring beauty and longevity of your jewelry, follow these maintenance and cleaning recommendations:

Regular Inspections: It’s essential to inspect your used jewelry regularly for any signs of damage or wear. Look for loose stones, worn prongs, or other issues requiring professional attention.

Gentle Cleaning: Regularly clean your used jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth to keep it looking its best. Gently wipe away any dirt or debris, being careful not to apply excessive pressure or scrub too vigorously.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners when cleaning your used jewelry. These can damage delicate materials and gemstones.

Gem-Specific Care: Different gemstones require different care. Be sure to educate yourself on the specific care guidelines for the gemstones in your used jewelry.

Rings on display at Maxferd's Van Nuys pawn shop

Professional Cleanings: It’s also essential to professionally clean your used jewelry. Our jewelers have the knowledge and equipment to clean your pieces thoroughly.

Ultrasonic Cleaners: Ultrasonic cleaners can be effective for cleaning certain types of jewelry, but they may not be suitable for all pieces.

Storage Matters: Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the condition of your used jewelry. Store each piece separately to avoid scratches, tangles, or other damage. Use jewelry boxes or pouches with soft lining to protect your precious items.

Remove Before Activities: It’s essential to remove your used jewelry before engaging in any activities that may pose a risk of damage. This includes exercising, gardening, or swimming, where your jewelry may come into contact with harsh chemicals, moisture, or impact.

Gentle Soak: Soak your used jewelry in a mild soap and warm water solution for stubborn dirt or grime. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines for each piece and avoid soaking delicate or porous gemstones for extended periods.

Polishing Cloth: A polishing cloth is a handy tool for maintaining the shine and luster of your used jewelry. Gently rub the surface of the jewelry to remove any tarnish and restore its brilliance.

Pearls Require Special Care: You must take extra care if your used jewelry includes pearls. Pearls are delicate and can be easily scratched or damaged. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or excessive heat, and store them separately from other jewelry to prevent scratching.

Regular Wear: Wearing your used jewelry can help maintain its beauty. The natural oils from your skin can help prevent tarnishes and keep the metals shiny. Just clean your pieces regularly to remove any accumulated dirt or grime.

By adhering to these maintenance and cleaning guidelines, you can ensure that your pre-owned jewelry retains its beauty and value, reminiscent of the day you acquired it.

Why Buy Used Jewelry?

Buying used jewelry from Maxferd can offer numerous benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying used jewelry:

Buying used jewelry allows you to get exceptional value for your money. Used pieces are often priced significantly lower than their brand-new counterparts, making them more affordable without compromising quality or style.

For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of vintage jewelry, buying used offers an affordable way to own stunning antique pieces. Vintage jewelry often showcases intricate craftsmanship and unique designs that are hard to find in modern jewelry.

Used jewelry allows you to own one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out from the crowd. Each pre-owned piece has its own story and character, allowing you to express individuality through jewelry choices.

By buying used jewelry, you are making a sustainable choice. Opting for pre-owned pieces reduces the demand for newly mined materials, reducing the environmental impact of jewelry production. It’s a great way to contribute to a greener future.

Unlike other investments, jewelry tends to hold its value well over time. By buying used jewelry, you can enjoy the advantage of lower depreciation than buying new. Used pieces have already experienced the initial depreciation, making them a more stable investment.

At Maxferd Jewelry and Loan, we offer high-quality used jewelry. Our expert team carefully inspects each piece to ensure its authenticity and quality. You can have peace of mind knowing that the used jewelry you purchase from us is genuine and in excellent condition.

Should you decide to sell your used jewelry in the future, it can still hold significant resale value. High-quality pieces, especially those from reputable brands, tend to have enduring popularity. By investing in used jewelry, you have the potential to recoup a significant portion of your initial investment.

The decision to select previously owned jewelry goes beyond being both budget-friendly and eco-friendly; it is also a trendy choice that provides a diverse array, distinct pieces, and enduring value.

Whether in pursuit of an engagement ring, a heartfelt gift, or personal embellishment, opting for second-hand jewelry offers an attractive and environmentally responsible option, standing out from the traditional route of acquiring brand-new pieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Used Jewelry

The market value, or Open Market Valuation (OMV), denotes the competitive auction price of jewelry. Pre-owned jewelry is practical since it is frequently priced more affordably than new items available in conventional jewelry stores. This decision enables you to acquire splendid pieces at a competitive price, ensuring optimal value for your investment.

Buying used jewelry can be a wise investment as it gives you more value. Used pieces often have a lower initial cost and can hold their value well over time. However, like any investment, it’s essential to carefully consider factors such as brand reputation, condition, and market demand before purchasing.

Pawn shops, like Maxferd Jewelry and Loan, offer several advantages for buying or selling used jewelry. We provide a convenient and trustworthy platform for individuals to sell their jewelry for a fair price.

Yes, Maxferd Jewelry and Loan offers pawn services for used jewelry. You can bring in your jewelry as collateral for a loan. We carefully evaluate the value of the items to determine the loan amount.

A layaway program allows you to reserve a piece of jewelry by making a deposit and paying for it in installments over time. This can be particularly beneficial if you have your eye on a specific piece but prefer to spread out the payments. Maxferd Jewelry and Loan offers a layaway program to help make your dream jewelry purchase more manageable.

At Maxferd Jewelry and Loan, we have a team of expert appraisers and gemologists who carefully inspect each piece of jewelry that comes through our doors. We authenticate the materials, gemstones, and craftsmanship to ensure that every item we offer is genuine and of high quality.

Yes, Maxferd Jewelry and Loan accept broken or damaged jewelry. Our expert appraisers will assess the value of the materials and any salvageable components to provide a fair offer.

No appointment is necessary for a jewelry evaluation at Maxferd Jewelry and Loan. You can visit one of our five locations in California during our operating hours, and our knowledgeable staff will be ready to assist you with the evaluation process.

There are no shipping and handling fees if you sell or trade your used jewelry at Maxferd. Bring your items to one of our physical locations for evaluation and transaction.

The duration of a transaction at Maxferd can vary depending on the evaluation’s complexity and the transaction’s specific nature. However, our team strives to provide efficient and prompt service.