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Gold coins

Are you in need of a cash infusion for an unexpected expense? Or are you looking for a little bit of extra money without pulling out your credit card?

Whether jewelry or coins, selling your valuables can be an easy, instant way to get some extra cash in a pinch. Lucky for you, our pawn shop in the City of Angels is a prime locale to sell gold in Los Angeles.

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Why Sell Gold in Los Angeles to Maxferd?

Finding the right place for pawning your valuables can be a conundrum. But there are a number of great reasons Maxferd Los Angeles should be your go-to destination for selling gold:

Upstanding Reputation – At Maxferd, we’ve been around since 1884 and are known as ‘the Tiffany of pawn shops’. We’ve established a record you can trust and take our pawn shop rules seriously.

In-House Experts – Our jewelers have the knowledge and expertise to accurately assess your valuables. Whether they’re broken or damaged, we’ll take your old gold pieces off your hands for a fair price!

Good Value – We’re in the business of getting a deal, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t fair. While we can’t provide market value, we do take pride in giving you a good offer. It’s part of what makes us the top destination for where to sell gold in Los Angeles.

Superior Customer Service – Our customers don’t always come to a pawn shop because they want to. That’s precisely why we offer professional customer service that respects your privacy and keeps your comfort in mind.

How Do I Sell Gold at Maxferd Los Angeles?

Whether you’re in Beverly Hills, Lawndale, Van Nuys or Woodland Hills, our process for selling gold in Los Angeles is as easy as 1, 2, 3…4!

  1. Visit our shop and have our expert jewelers appraise your gold.
  2. Get a verbal offer regarding your items in a few minutes.
  3. Provide a driver’s license, ID or passport to confirm your identity.
  4. Get your cash infusion!
Gold rings

How Do We Determine the Value of Your Gold?

Whether you’re curious about how we appraise things or want to know where to sell gold, we take pride in our open, transparent approach at Maxferd Los Angeles.

In an ounce of gold, there is approximately 28.35 grams with pure 24K (Karat) gold traded in dollars per ounce. While this might sound simple enough, jewelry is often made with other elements to strengthen it. That means a typical wedding ring may only contain 60% gold!

If the price of gold per gram is $60 for 24K, then your ring will be worth $36 per gram. Times that by the number of grams of gold content and you’ll arrive at its total value.

How Do We Determine a Fair Price For Your Gold?

You might be getting excited about such a return on your gold pieces. But keep in mind that we won’t be able to pay you the exact value of your jewelry. We need to make money too, after all!

Because buying and selling gold comes with a lot of risk, we try and balance out the prices we offer with what it takes to maintain our business. The price of gold can fluctuate frequently, and it can take a little while to sell gold in Los Angeles.

We often send jewelry like gold to be melted down so those costs, which go up to 30% of the gold’s value, are factored into our final assessment.

Gold and jewels spilling out of jewelry box

What About Precious Keepsakes?

The average wedding ring may not have a value to our pawn shop beyond its gold content. But items like rare coins, collectibles or jewelry with history are a little bit different.

For example, if you’ve come across gold jewelry that was once worn or owned by someone like Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly, the value of the piece goes well beyond the gold content!

If you’ve got a special item like this nestled in your jewelry box, you may want to give us a call so our expert jewelers can make an assessment!

That's a Wrap!

At Maxferd, we care about the products we buy and sell and take pride in offering the best services (and prices!) to our customers selling gold in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re heading to our Van Nuys or Beverly Hills location, we’ll give you a good experience from start to finish. We even offer a pawn shop loan service if you’re not ready to part with your favorite pieces.

Contact the gold experts at Maxferd today at (800) 888-7296 or visit one of our Los Angeles pawn shops. We look forward to giving you the best deal around!