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5 Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Items at a Pawn Shop

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Whether you need money to cover unexpected expenses or simply want to sell your unwanted items, pawn shops are great places to score fast cash. They are legitimate businesses where customers can sell their items or take out collateral loans against their possessions.  

Do you want the best deal for your rare coins, designer purses, or electronics? Follow these five tried-and-true tips from the experienced pawnbrokers at Maxferd to get the most money for your pawned goods.

1. Sell Your Items Outright 

Most pawn shops will offer you a better deal if you sell your valuables outright than use them as collateral for a loan. That’s because pawnbrokers can immediately put the items up for sale rather than hold them until you repay your loan. 

At Maxferd’s five convenient locations, including our Beverly Hills pawn shop, you’ll get a clear explanation of the item’s appraisal and a fair cash offer. From heirloom jewelry to last year’s MacBook, you’ll walk away with confidence knowing you got the most cash for your items. 

2. Bring Documentation 

If you’re pawning a designer handbag or rare coins, it’s vital to bring in the proper documentation and the items you’re selling. This helps the pawnbrokers establish the item’s authenticity. 

The proper documentation is essential for high-end or older items, such as luxury watches, purses, or heirloom gold necklaces.

Even if your jewelry is outdated or damaged, you can rest easy knowing you’ll still get a great offer at Maxferd. We have the expertise and financial resources to make you the highest cash offer possible. 

3. Pawn the Right Items 

If you want to get the most money possible, you need to know the best items to pawn. While many pawn shops sell a wide range of inventory, some items are much more valuable than others.

A few quality items worth pawning include: 

  • Jewelry made of precious metals, including gold, platinum, or silver
  • Jewelry with precious or semi-precious stones, including diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or opals
  • Luxury items, such as Gucci purses and Rolex watches
  • Rare or collectible gold and silver coins

If you need assistance, the experts at Maxferd are happy to help. We offer free jewelry evaluations at each of our five locations. We perform evaluations on the spot and will give you an accurate quote for the fair market value of your possessions. 

4. Spruce Them Up 

To get the most cash for your items, it’s a bright idea to show them in their best light. Clean items in good working condition are much more valuable than dusty or broken ones.

Before heading to a pawn shop, take some time to clean and polish your items. If your watch needs a fresh set of batteries, buy them. To get a better offer, put your item’s best foot forward. 

5. Learn the Art of Negotiation

If you think the pawnbroker is giving you a lowball offer and you’ve done your research, you can ask for a fairer price. 

A few things to keep in mind while negotiating include:

  • Never be the first to speak. Listen to what the pawnbroker is willing to pay first.
  • Don’t be afraid to hold your ground if you think you deserve a better offer.
  • If you’re still unhappy with the offer, you can walk away anytime.

Maxferd Will Always Make You the Best Offer 

For over 135 years, Maxferd has provided customers with the best deals for their pawned valuables. We take the time to carefully evaluate your items and give you the best offer possible. We know how important your possessions are to you and we want you to feel comfortable and confident doing business with us.

At Maxferd, we always put your needs first. Whether you’re pawning an item or taking out a collateral loan, you’ll receive the best services in town. 

Contact us today by calling (800) 888-PAWN (7296) to learn more.