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Myths Debunked

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Pawn Shops are just legalized loan sharks

Second only to banks, pawnshops are the most highly regulated businesses. Also, loan fees are set by the State of California, not by the pawnshop.

Pawnshops are fences of stolen property

Wrong! Pawnshops are the last place a thief wants to bring their stolen property. Pawnshops require a valid ID for all intake transactions, and every item’s serial number along with a detailed description is forwarded to law enforcement to be checked through a comprehensive stolen property reports database.

Pawnshops rip you off by under-valuing your items

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about pawnshops. Pawnshops base loan offers on re-sale value, not retail price. This difference is most easily exposed with jewelry. The majority of consumers hold the misconception that because jewelry is made of gold and precious gems, it is supposed to be very expensive; after all it’s what treasures are made of, right? Jewelry stores are more than happy to leave that public misconception intact and exploit it for their financial advantage through outrageously high prices.

Ever wonder how jewelry stores can have sales several times a year and holidays of 60%, 70% and more off, yet still make enough to stay in business?
Unfortunately the ugly truth is that the consumer is being ripped off, but at the retail side of their buying experience. It is only exposed when they bring that over priced item to a pawnshop for a loan evaluation using real market value.

This is why buying jewelry at a pawnshop is being money smart. You pay for the item’s value, not the posh chandelier ambiance of where you bought it.

Going to a pawnshop for a loan is embarrassing

Using a pawnshop is the most self-reliant thing someone can do in a bind.

You are borrowing from yourself, not from family, friends or your employer.

Consider that you are only converting back into cash the investment you’ve already made when you bought your item. Like getting an equity loan.

Also, all transactions are private, no one will know unless you tell them.

Pawnshops try to keep your items

We prefer that an item is redeemed. For us, the real value is establishing a positive experience and relationship with our customer, so if they ever need a future loan or are shopping for a gift, they will come back to us.