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How to Sell or Pawn a Rolex for the Best Price

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Do you have a sleek and shiny luxury Rolex watch in your possession that you no longer wear or use? Are you thinking about selling or pawning your Rolex, but worried that you won’t get the best price?

While Rolex watches are highly coveted items, in all honesty, it can be tricky to get the most upfront cash possible for your luxury watch. To get the best price for your Rolex, you need to do a few things in preparation before taking it to a pawn shop.

Luckily, the experts at Maxferd are more than happy to help. You can sell your valuables at one of our five convenient locations. 

Here is everything you need to do to obtain the most cash for your Rolex watch. 

Finding a Quality Pawn Shop

When it comes to getting the most cash for your luxury watch, the first thing you need to do is find a dependable, established pawn shop that won’t give you the runaround. While there are many trustworthy and transparent pawn shops throughout the entire country, the best ones will always give you a fair price for your used valuables.

A few qualities to look for in a reputable pawn shop include:

  • The proper licenses: According to Federal laws, all pawn shops must follow IRS codes and comply with the Truth in Lending and Patriot Acts. Every US pawn shop must also carry both state and local licenses. Before you do business at any pawn shop, ask to see these licenses.
  • Positive reviews: Do some research into the pawn shop online. Do they have positive reviews from previous satisfied customers? Or, are there multiple one-star reviews warning buyers to beware? Online reviews are typically good indicators of the level of services you should expect to receive.

Now that you know more about how to choose a good pawn shop, here’s how to get the best price for your used Rolex watch. 

Clean It 

To get the most money for your luxury watch, you need to ensure it looks its best. If you bring a dusty, broken watch marred by dings, dents, and blemishes into a pawn shop, you won’t receive a great price for it. A pristine, operative Rolex guarantees you’ll get the best offer.

If your Rolex isn’t working, take it to an experienced watch repair shop that specializes in Rolexes. Clean your Rolex with non-abrasive cleansers that are specifically made for jewelry. Or, you can use a microfiber cloth and warm water to clean the surface of the watch and its strap.

Proper Packaging 

Having the original packaging and documents that came with your Rolex can get you more money when the time comes to sell or pawn it. These items help the pawnbroker to determine if the watch is an authentic Rolex, as well as any other important details that can boost its resale value.

If you lost or tossed out the Rolex’s original packaging, that doesn’t mean you can’t pawn your watch. It just means you might receive a lower offer.

Consider Replacing the Band

Have you enjoyed continually wearing your Rolex throughout the years? If so, your love for it can be evident on the watch’s strap. Continuous usage can impact the band and reduce the watch’s resale value. If the band is in less-than-perfect condition, consider replacing it before you head to your local Maxferd pawn shop.

Sell Your Rolex to Maxferd

If you want to get the best price for your used Rolex, bring it to Maxferd. For over 135 years, southern California residents have trusted our services and expertise. We offer quick, confidential cash loans or upfront cash offers for your used valuables. We also provide free walk-in evaluations for your jewelry.  

To learn more, contact us today by calling (800) 888-PAWN (7296).