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7 Surprising Benefits of Going to Pawn Shops

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Have you ever visited a pawn shop? If not, you might conjure up images of a back-alley business that criminals visit to sell stolen goods. Unlike the grimy depictions often shown in crime thrillers, pawn shops are actually dependable, legitimate businesses that millions of customers visit. In fact, pawn shops have been around for more than 3,000 years! 

Do you want to get fast cash for your unwanted valuables? Or, are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one? If so, consider visiting Maxferd’s Lawndale pawn shop! The treasures and top-notch services might surprise you. 

Here are the top seven benefits of visiting your local pawn shop. 

1. Huge Selections of Unique Items 

Want to buy a unique gift for a friend or relative? Swing by a pawn shop! Most pawn shops carry a wide variety of quality items, including high-end jewelry, electronics, gold coins, designer purses, and musical instruments. Skip window shopping for hum-drum sweaters at the mall and explore the endless options at a Los Angeles pawn shop. 

2. You Can Sell Your Items 

Do you have unwanted purses or furniture in your attic or basement? Instead of selling them on eBay or at a garage sale, bring them to a pawn shop instead. You’ll get top-dollar for your valuables. You don’t have to go through the hassle of organizing a garage sale or shipping items to online buyers. 

3. Saves You Time 

As we just said, selling your unwanted possessions on eBay or hosting a garage sale can be time-consuming. Spreading the word about your garage sale, setting up the tables, or shipping the items purchased on eBay is a hassle.

Instead, save time by selling your items to a pawn shop. With five convenient locations, Maxferd makes it quick and easy to sell your valuables. 

4. Fast Cash 

Did you know pawn shops also offer cash loans? That’s right! If you need upfront cash to cover unexpected emergencies or unforeseen expenses, a collateral loan from a pawn shop could be your best bet. You can borrow money against items you already have. No credit check is required. This makes collateral loans great options for people with bad or no credit. 

At Maxferd, we offer collateral loans ranging from $5 to $1 million. And you never have to worry about high-interest rates. Get instant cash on the spot. Our collateral loans are confidential and convenient. We’ll never report you to the credit bureaus. 

5. Accurate Appraisals

Are you wondering how much your heirloom necklace is worth? What about that designer handbag your friend gave you? You can get accurate appraisals for your valuables at a pawn shop. 

Maxferd’s specialists offer free walk-in evaluations of your jewelry and other valuable items. Our jewelry evaluation experts will provide you with an accurate quote for the fair market value of your items. After the evaluation, you always have the option of selling your items to us. Walk away with fast cash. It’s that simple! 

6. Jewelry Repairs 

Is the clasp on your diamond bracelet broken? Looking to restore the antique watch you inherited from your grandfather? Many pawn shops, including Maxferd, offer jewelry repair solutions.   

As a highly reputable jewelry repair business, Maxferd has the expertise to preserve the integrity and authenticity of your beloved items. We use cutting-edge equipment and time-tested techniques to reveal the natural beauty of your luxury watch, necklace, ring, bracelet, and more. 

7. Superior Customer Service 

Pawn shops are small businesses. Like any other mom-and-pop store, you’ll receive individualized attention and friendly customer service. Most retail giants treat you like a number, not a person. Maxferd’s staff strives to provide you with the best services and support possible. At our pawn shop, you’ll always feel confident about your decision. 

Discover the Surprising Benefits of Doing Business with Maxferd 

For over 135 years, Maxferd has been delivering stellar solutions to our customers. Explore our endless selection of premium items. You can also sell your valuables, get fast cash, or have your jewelry repaired. 

To discover the Maxferd difference, visit one of our neighborhood pawn shops today!