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Pawn Shop vs. eBay: Which One Is Right for You?

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Do you have valuable items in your basement or attic that you don’t need or want anymore? Are you looking to sell gold or jewelry for cash? If so, you might be wondering if selling your used valuables on eBay or to a pawn shop is the better option for you.

While both of these options might seem like a good choice, they each come with their own unique sets of benefits and challenges.

Thankfully, the seasoned team at Maxferd is here to help. Learn if selling your valuables on eBay or at one of our pawn shop locations is the right choice for you.

Selling Your Items on eBay

Ever since the popular auction website first launched way back in 1995, millions of people from across the world have sold their unwanted items on eBay. In fact, more than two billion transactions take place on the site every day.

eBay promises fair deals and safe transactions. It’s also a convenient way to sell your valuables from home. The only trip you have to make is to your local post office to ship your items to the winning bidder.

A few other benefits of selling your valuables on eBay include:

  • eBay is an easy-to-use platform
  • The website offers fixed rates
  • You can list up to 150 items each month for free

Despite these benefits, there are some disadvantages to selling your possessions on eBay. Firstly, you won’t have access to instant cash. There is no guarantee how long it will take for somebody to make a reasonable offer for the items you’re selling on eBay. Additionally, there is still a risk that you could get scammed. eBay sellers also need to pay commission fees.

Looking for a better alternative to selling your possessions on eBay? A dependable pawn shop could be the perfect solution.

Selling Your Valuables to a Pawn Shop 

If you have never walked through the doors of a quality pawn shop before, you might have misconceptions about who pawnbrokers are and how they operate. Despite being depicted as greedy scammers in movies and television shows, pawnbrokers are actually professional experts who will purchase your valuables for a fair price and the pawn industry in general is one of the most highly regulated in the nation. Many pawn shops offer cash and collateral loans for gold or other valuable items. That’s why it comes as no surprise that over 30 million people visit pawn shops each year.

You can either sell your used goods to a pawn shop or take out a collateral loan against the value of your possessions. The pawnbroker will evaluate your items and give you an accurate estimate of their market value.

Some of the top advantages of selling your valuables to a pawn shop are:

  • Instant cash offers on the spot: When you sell your items to a pawn shop, you will have the opportunity to receive cash right away.
  • No risk of scams: Despite eBay’s extensive efforts to fight scammers, there is still a risk of being scammed when you sell your items on the internet, including fake checks that bounce after you deposit them. Visiting a pawn shop in person prevents any potential scams from happening. You’ll receive fast cash and reasonable offers for your items.
  • No additional fees: eBay sellers can get slammed with fees, including shipping and handling costs, as well as commission fees that range from 3% to 10%. When you visit a pawn shop, you’ll receive more money for your unwanted items.

Get Fast Cash for Your Unwanted Items at Maxferd 

Thinking of selling your jewelry, rare coins, or musical instruments? Visit Maxferd today. For over a century, California residents have received instant cash for their unwanted items. Our friendly and experienced team makes it easy to sell your valuables. We have the expertise and financial resources to make you the highest possible cash offer for your damaged, outdated, or unwanted possessions.

To learn more, contact us today by calling (800) 888-PAWN (7296). We proudly serve the communities of Beverly Hills, Lawndale, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, and San Francisco.