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If you’re looking for the #1 pawn shop in Redondo Beach, California you’ve found it.

Maxferd has a remarkable history dating back to its inception in 1884. It is noteworthy to mention that it stands out as the oldest functioning pawn shop in California, and even across the whole continental United States, without any replication or imitation.

The unmatched quality of service we offer has gained us the moniker of “the Tiffany of pawn shops,” indicating our superior reputation in the industry.

Redondo Beach Pawn Shop Services

Are you interested in purchasing or selling valuable items? Do you require evaluation or repair services for your jewelry? Or are you in need of a pawn shop loan or looking to sell gold quickly? Look no further than our pawn shop in Redondo Beach for all your needs!

Loans on Jewelry

A pawn shop loan is a convenient way of obtaining a quick short-term loan by providing an item as collateral.

In contrast to applying for a personal loan from a bank or using a high-interest credit card, obtaining a collateral loan from Maxferd is a faster and more affordable alternative. It can also be less uncomfortable than borrowing from family or friends.

If you urgently need cash, our Redondo Beach pawn shop is the ideal destination.

We offer confidential and prompt cash loans for jewelry, even if it’s broken, and high-end timepieces.

Our five-step process for obtaining a loan is simple and efficient:

Step 1: Visit us and have your jewelry briefly assessed right at the counter.

Step 2: Within minutes, receive a verbal quote.

Step 3: Provide valid identification, such as a driver’s license, ID card, or passport.

Step 4: Upon approval, sign the loan agreement, which will be printed and given to you.

Step 5: While you receive your payment in cash, check, or wire transfer, your item will be securely stored.

No credit check is necessary.
We do not report to credit agencies if you are unable to repay the loan.

Note: Please note that we can also offer loans on a range of other items besides jewelry, which can be used as collateral to obtain the cash you need without pawning your jewelry.

We are delighted to accept the following items as collateral:

Our accepted items for collateral include precious metals and coins, loose diamonds and gemstones, high-end DSLR cameras and accessories, Apple products, computers and laptops, musical instruments, luxury handbags, select collectibles, and artwork.

If you are thinking of pawning your luxury watch in Redondo Beach, please refer to our comprehensive guide on selling your high-end timepiece.

Similarly, if you wish to pawn your luxury handbag in Redondo Beach, we recommend consulting our all-inclusive guide on selling your designer bag.

Special offer (new clients): For new clients, we are offering a special deal of incredibly low interest rates ranging from 0% to 1%. Additionally, you can roll over the loan without any extra interest charges at the end of the four-month term, giving you greater flexibility.

Maxferd offers the best pawn loans in Redondo Beach!

Jewelry Repair

At our Redondo Beach pawn shop, we offer expert repair services for damaged jewelry.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced in-house jewelers can restore your jewelry to its original condition without ever having to leave our premises.

We take on all types of jewelry restoration projects, big or small, and offer a range of services including cleaning, polishing, stone setting, sizing, rhodium and gold plating, fixing links, and replacing clasps or locks.

Avoid the risks of attempting a DIY repair or entrusting your jewelry to an unskilled individual. A substandard repair job could lead to further damage, resulting in costly and difficult corrections. Trust in our reputation for providing expert jewelry restoration.

By ensuring that your jewelry receives professional repairs and maintenance, you can help preserve its value over time.

Visit our pawn shop in Redondo Beach for a free, no-obligation quote on your jewelry repair needs.

Layaway Program

Experiencing a powerful attraction towards an exceptional and unmatched item in our store can evoke an incredible sensation. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that buying it right away might not be practical for you without going over your budget.

It’s understandable to feel hesitant that another customer may purchase the item before you get the opportunity to acquire it, and it may not reappear on the market.

The Maxferd layaway program offers a remedy by affording you additional time. It’s an exceptional choice for guaranteeing the desired item at a set, fixed price.

-No need for income or credit verification.

-No additional charges for layaway.

-No interest will be applied.

To take part in our layaway program, we simply require a 20% down payment and a valid identification that confirms you’re at least 18 years old. You’ll then have up to five months to pay off the remaining balance with manageable monthly installments. Be assured that during this period, the item will be exclusively reserved for you, safely stored until the final payment is completed.

Tip: Utilize our layaway program to pleasantly surprise your loved ones with a unique and unexpected gift on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas. Additionally, don’t forget to treat yourself to something special because you undoubtedly deserve it!

What Our Clients Say

"Having had a positive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this establishment to others. The staff is honest, friendly, and always ready to help, and they offer a charming variety of jewelry that is frequently refreshed. Additionally, they are highly flexible if you require a loan, making this an excellent destination to check out."

Feel free to contact us at (310) 362-5289 to schedule a complimentary consultation. However, we strongly recommend visiting us in person to explore how we can assist you better.